HuaFeng Sewing Machine Accessories

Huafeng adhere to the corporate mission of "spreading sewing culture and creating a harmonious life", adhere to the business philosophy of "innovation as the root, quality -based, customer first, and service satisfaction", constantly absorb advanced experience and technology, develop high -quality new products,The product is struggling for the corporate vision of the "first -class enterprise in the field of sewing machines".Even if it is an sewing machine accessory, we have to do the best

One-stop Shopping For Sewing Machine Accessories Kits

In order to make it convenient for consumers to use the sewing machine immediately without purchasing additional sewing accessories, VOF provides a variety of sewing accessories and thread box customization services. Please tell us the accessories you need when placing an order.

High-quality quality, down to the smallest detail

The sewing suits of VOF are produced by ourselves, and the control of production quality is very strict. The materials we use to make accessories are all high-quality environmentally friendly materials. They are durable and safe. To ensure that customers get a perfect experience in the sewing process.

A variety of different sets, flexible matching

Considering the different habits and needs of customers in different regions when using sewing machines, we provide you with a variety of customizable sewing accessories packages.

Our products advantages

VOF's sewing accessories are produced by itself, so the quality control is very good, allowing you to reduce a lot of after-sales problems. And our goods delivery is stable and there will be no delays, making your purchases easier and more assured. We have many years of experience in production and research and development, and we deeply know the habits of customers when using sewing machines, so we have very high requirements for the durability of accessories.

Sewing Accessories Instructions

The sewing machine accessories set offered by VOF includes:

Thread box, needle, presser foot, threader, small scissors, tape measure, buttons, pins, buttons and more. We have different plans for you to choose from, you can choose or customize according to your needs.

More services

If you need the introduction video of sewing machine and sewing accessories, you can contact VOF customer service to get it, or watch the video released on VOF official website and Youtube.


Sewing machine accessories are very small, and some accessories may cause stab wounds, cuts and suffocation caused by accidental swallowing. Therefore, please be careful in use, and place it out of the reach of children to avoid danger.