HuaFeng Mini Sewing Machine Products

Huafeng has ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and is audited annually for social responsibility by BSCI. We have product patents in China and many other countries, and our Mini sewing machine are hot selling in dozens of regions, such as China, America, Europe, Japan, Korea and Brazil in more than 20 years.

2023 popular household mini sewing machine

Huafeng has earned ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certification, and its BSCI social responsibility system is audited annually. At present, it has acquired several product patents. Its products are hot sellers in dozens of countries and regions such as China, America, Europe, Japan, Korea and Brazil. This company's earliest developed series is handheld sewing machines and mini sewing machines—such as the ZDML-1 model developed in 1991, ZDML-2 which hit the market in 2001; FHSM-202 released in 2005 and FHSM-201 released in 2004.  These models have become super-hot sellers once released because their prices are so low but they do so much for us. For example, you can use them to perform small alterations or repairs on clothes or make baby bibs , pillow cases , mouse pads , baby cloths , skirts , over sleeves , curtains , sheets , cup mats and more . We believe you will be the next hot designer with our mini sewing machine . We also have some ready video for you, contact us anytime if you need.

Quality Contorl

For each product, we make sure it meets our high standards before it goes out the door. Our quality control and inspection process includes three rounds of checks: two during production and one after production. The first round of checks happens in the factory, where three to four quality control inspectors check that each function of the machine works as expected and that no obvious flaws exist. The second round is done after production; a different group of inspectors checks every piece for flaws. We also test each machine with different fabrics before shipping out or selling."

The quality control department is equipped with dozens of various measuring tools, such as high-precision testing instruments, secondary elements, material analysis XRF ray instruments and so on. The staff will do the drop test on each smartphone according to the order requests, package, accessories, function performance, appearance and so on.

Machine features

A mini sewing machine series with straight stitch, it is lock stitch, with low and high speed to choose. Powered by adapter or by battery, it is 4 AA batteries. We have OFF/ON switch on the machine body and foot pedal to start the machine. It is light weight and portable; weight is below one kilogram. If you travel or carry it to a class, it is the best choice and easy to carry.

Technical Support

In the Internet age, we can provide immediate technical support, and provide operation videos and replacement parts as needed. Our team is committed to finding the right solution to your specific need and will ensure that the machine supplied will stand the test of time. Besides, we have 50 R & D and quality engineers, do not worry for any usage problem, we will have 2-3 new models every year.


Home machines let you work at a comfortable pace. Our electric mini sewing machine is faster than the old-style hand sewing machine and has low and high speeds so you can choose whichever one works best for you. Low speed is suitable for intricate stitching, while high speed is great for thicker fabrics.


In today's era of young people, they are not as practical as their predecessors. They are more interested in special sewing machines and beautiful sewing machines. They want convenience, ease of use, and ease of operation. To meet the needs of more users, we have made a lot of adjustments to our automatic sewing machines in appearance and color. We received customers' unanimous approval.

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