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VOF sewing machine Wholesale CUSTOMIZATION

VOF sewing machine Wholesale CUSTOMIZATION,You can design your own sewing machine with your logo,color, pattern, phrase on it. A sewing machine can sew garments that are just for you, your label, your style, and DIY garments are a loving gift. You can also make daily necessities at home, such as bed sheets, tablecloths, bags, etc. On ... Read more

Why did you need the sewing machine?

Development history of sewing machine Electric Home Mini Sewing Machine is used for DIY works, making clothes, housewares, four piece bed sets, tablecloths, etc. Mini sewing machines are meeting the individual needs of consumers, so their styles are varied and colorful. From this history, we can see that sewing machine companies are designing more automatic ... Read more

Want To Know The Best-selling sewing machine model in 2022?

live stream on Alibaba We are a brand of VOF, a professional manufacturer of household sewing machines from China. We will have a live stream on Alibaba on October 10th at 00:00 PT. In this live broadcast, we will show you the best selling mini sewing machine models for home use in 2022 and answer ... Read more

Warm congratulations to Guangzhou Huafeng Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. in the 2016 Alibaba [Data Breakthrough Battle], its performance exceeded one million, and four of our colleagues won the title of "Million Heroes"

In 2016, Guangzhou Huafeng Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. was invited to join in the Data Break through Battle.Suppliers in different industries have participated in this competition. Industry:Suppliers in different industries have participated in this competition. There are sewing machine industry, clothing industry, electronic industry, stage lighting industry, etc. Process:The process of the game is ... Read more

What is the Best Mini Sewing Machines

Do you like machines and want to buy a sewing machine? Now it is different to choose a good and suitable sewing machine in the market.A brand one cost a lot of money, if someone never bought a sewing machine before they will often not even know where to start. The other criteria is whether ... Read more

Congratulations to Huafeng Mechanical & Electrical for winning the 2018 Alibaba "Excellent Business New Power" Award cum "March New Trade Festival" title of "Industry Overlord" in Baiyun District, Guangzhou

On April 2, 2018, the 2018 Alibaba Global SME Ecological Summit and "Golden Bull Award" Award Ceremony was grandly held in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. The praise and praise of Zhidao is also Alibaba's gratitude and feedback for cooperation and common prosperity. The Alibaba Golden Bull Award brings together many elite small and medium-sized enterprises from ... Read more

Spreading the sewing culture | VOF & 2018 China Spring Canton Fair

On April 15-19, 2018, the five-day 123rd China Import and Export Commodities Fair took place in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex. There are more than 24,000 exhibitors in this year’s Canton Fair Export Fair. As the manufacturer of the famous Chinese home sewing machine brands "Fanghua" and "VOF", Guangzhou Huafeng Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. were invited to participate in ... Read more