Why did you need the sewing machine?

Development history of sewing machine

Electric Home Mini Sewing Machine is used for DIY works, making clothes, housewares, four piece bed sets, tablecloths, etc. Mini sewing machines are meeting the individual needs of consumers, so their styles are varied and colorful.

From this history, we can see that sewing machine companies are designing more automatic and lighter models.

So do you know when the first sewing machine came out?

In 1790, British woodworker Thomas Sainty first invented the world's first single-thread chain stitch hand sewing machine for punching holes first, threading later, and sewing leather shoes.

In 1889, the motor-driven sewing machine was invented.

After 1950, the household multi-function sewing machine was further developed, and it was easy to start sewing as long as the start button was pressed.

Since then, a new era of sewing machine industry has been created.

Why Need The Sewing Machine?

Why do you need a sewing machine for sewing? Believe it or not, the sewing machine is one of the most important machines in the apparel world.

Imagine if there is no sewing machine, how to sew clothes and sew directly by hand with needle and thread? This speed is also too slow, maybe that's why the focus on sewing machine speed is.

Next, we'll use some sewing examples to illustrate why a sewing machine is needed to sew garments:

1. Fully automatic sewing machine

A key switch can start the sewing machine, or you can use the foot pedal to start and stop, fully liberating your hands. Even if you are a sewing machine beginner, you can easily use the sewing machine

2. Sewing time

In the past, most of the sewing was done with manual needles and threads. It took a long time to make simple things, which was a torture for people.

3. Sewing machine with scissors

For a sewer, finishing a handicraft is the most important thing. In the past, many people had to carry an extra pair of scissors. Now the sewing machine comes with a thread trimmer knife, which can be trimmed as soon as it is slid over.

4. A sewing machine that can hold accessories

As with any DIY, sewing is a delicate crafting technique. A lot of small accessories are used when sewing. In previous operations, these items were placed on the table. But it's not very convenient and it's easy to lose, the sewing machine has a drawer for these little accessories, and it will solve all the problems

5. Sewing machines with lighting

During the sewing process, adequate lighting is essential. Especially when threading, the pinholes are small and the sewer needs more lighting for him or her to see clearly. So the chair needs a small light when sewing.

3. Sewing machine with extended operating space

The sewing machine is equipped with an extension table, which can extend the operating space during use and increase the user's comfort.

 New Sewing Machine Features:

1.Appearance Design

In today's age of young people, they are not as practical as the previous generation. They are more inclined to some special sewing machine and beautiful sewing machine. They require convenience, ease of use, and ease of operation. In order to cater to more users, our automatic sewing machine are all in appearance and color,made a lot of adjustments. we got the unanimous approval of customers.

2.More Adjustable stitchs for sewing

In the past, most sewing machines could only make straight lines, and the styles of clothes lacked new ideas. In order to meet the needs of the new generation, we have added other different stitches, which can make various stitches. Some models have up to 59 stitches, and even You can also car button holes and nail buttons

3.Speed Adjustable

Users can adjust low speed and high speed according to their own needs, which can meet the needs of sewers of various technical levels

4.Small size

Small sewing machines are easy to put away and have various types

5.Easy to use

All it takes is the flick of a button. A variety of operations can be completed, and it is recommended for those who want to expand the scope of their works and want to make clothes.


we have Sewing Machine for Kids version. We will add the needle protection cover to the machine, We have EN 71 part 1-3 certificate, EN62115 safty test, Toy standard RoHS for these model, make sure it is safe for kids, both physically and chemically,  that’s where this useful resource comes in, as I will walk you through the best sewing machines for kids age 8-10 on the market that offer pretty much, everything your child needs to learn sewing while being affordable and easy to use.

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